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Journeyman III

driver update

I did not receive the latest update(20.12.1}. I need to install it for Cyberpunk. What should I do?

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Adept I


1. Open Adrenalin Software(Radeon Software) (Alt + R or by right clicking on empty space on desktop and selecting from pop-up AMD Radeon Software) 

2. Go to Settings page by pressing on the settings icon in the upper right corner

3. Under the System tab, first column of information should be about "Software & Driver". Look down a bit (under your current version) and you should see the option called " Preferred Software Version ". Change the "Recommended" option to "Recomended + Optional".

Step 3Step 3

4. Press the button "Check for Updates"



Method II : 

1. Open this link

2. Select Graphics from the first list. In the second list find you card series. Continue in the third list and select exact model that you have/own.

3. Then press submit.

4. Then you will see a page with all suported verisons(Windows 10, Windows 7, Ubuntu etc)

5. Select you OS version(Windows 10 or 7)

6.You should see "Adrenalin 2020 Edition 20.12.1 Optional"( text taken from Windows 10 - 64 bit Edition) as the latest version


If you click on the Release Notes button it opens up the link to the Adrenalin 20.12.1 Release Notes and they contain the link to download all versions of the 2020.12.1 drivers. 

Much quicker. 

Journeyman III

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