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Journeyman III

Driver timeout (7900 XTX) x-plane

With latest driver i get driver timeouts with application crash everytime I start x-plane 12. Never had it before with unchanged configuration. No clue what is causing it. No blackouts or system stoppage (PSU ) though. No  problem anywhere else. Any suggestions or solutions welcome.


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Journeyman III

I want to follow this thread cause I'm also having similar issues. Every time I launch Smite, my game crashes and my drivers or something get messed up. 2nd monitor will no longer receive video, and gpu is disabled in Device Manager because Windows has shut down my 7900xtx for having incorrect drivers [picture 1]. I can't open AMD Adrenaline, [picture 2], because the version isn't compatible with the graphics drivers??? And then it points me to an AMD support page which tells me to install and run AMD Software Compatibility Tool. I do that and it tells me that the software I already have installed is compatible [picture 3].Picture 1Picture 1Picture 2Picture 2Picture 3Picture 3