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Journeyman III

Driver for X570 dont pass the hardware check while installation

The driver version wont pass the hardware check. Executable gives back: Chipset driver was unable to install - the systemconfiguration is not compatible with the raid driver or applications installation.

I dont use the raid function. I dont have installed any raid drivers. Raid drivers from AMD won´t get installed, Error message there is: 

Unable to proceed with installation, system is not configured in RAID mode.


Why do i have to activate the raid function when i dont need it or use it to install the chipset driver?

If there is no work around, is it save to activate the function with no interference with the windows boot/drive?


My system: Gigabyte x570 Aorus Master + ADM Ryzen 7 3700X, 32gig GSkill F4-3200C16-16GFX

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Adept II

Did you buy the motherboard second hand, maybe the raid mode is still activated by the previous one, otherwise just reset the bios (press the clear bios button or remove the bios button cell. Wait a moment and reinsert it)
Then download the chipset drivers again from the official AMD website. If that doesn't work, just deactivate Windows Defender or other virus protection, sometimes the alarm goes off. But don't forget to turn it on again.



Nope, i bought it brand new. Raid was never activated because i dont need it.

BIOS Reset have also been done. Manually and in the process of an BIOS update. No effect.


Can´t install the drivers without the raid function i guess.

Fun fact: drivers today are a version - they don´t work either. Seems that those are drivers for the b650 chipset. AMD: wth?!?


sounds like a registry issue if your reset BIOS to its default state.


Make sure in Device Manager under "IDE/ATA ATAPE" it is showing  "Standard SATA AHCI Controller" and not "RAID"


Download and use Microsoft Install/Uninstall Tool to remove all Non-Graphics AMD Drivers then use the Tool to install the AMD CHIPSET and see if it installs successfully: Microsoft Install/Uninstall Tool 


The last version or this latest version many Users were having Installation issues with the current AMD CHIPSET. Not sure if AMD fixed it or not yet.


The MS Install/Uninstall Tool have helped several Users in the past in installing unsuccessful AMD CHIPSET drivers.


NOTE: What does the CHIPSET Installation log tell the error was.


The Installationprogram gives back the following:

Unable to proceed with installation, system is not configured in RAID mode.

I dont use RAID, therefore the RAID function is disabled in BIOS.


So how can i update my chipset when i dont use the raid function?

Do i really have to enable raid, dont use it and install the raid driver for the update of the chipset?



In another thread here is my main issue well documentet. Solution there is to update the chipset driver.

So i feel a little f-ed.


Is there another way to update the chipset driver?