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Journeyman III

Driver 23.4.3 Win10 OS crash on two different computers


I recently updated three Win10 (patch level 22H2) computers to 23.4.3, and two of the systems have become unstable.  The previous stable driver that I was running was 22.11.x (I don't remember the minor version).  Both computers have AMD CPUs (Ryzen7 and a Threadripper PRO 3945WX), and both systems have a 6650XT GPU.

With 23.4.3, the Threadripper systems cannot come out of sleep, the screen remains black.  I am forced to power-button reset, and when the system comes back up I am presented with the AMD crash report dialog.  I have always filled in the report, but I have little faith in that.

The Ryzen7 system has two monitors and with 23.4.3 one of the displays remains blank and is not detected at all.

It looks like the 23.x drivers have been updated multiple times a month since they were released in Feb, which would indicate to me the driver was not (and still is not) ready for actual release.  I might expect this kind of nonsense from a game in beta or early access, but not a hardware vendor like AMD.  So sad.

Anyway, downgrading to 22.2.11 for now, which seems to have been stable for at least 3 months before the 23.x releases started.  My systems are stable again with this driver.

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Adept I

I have a 6750XT, my problems started with driver 23.1.x, black screens in more intensive games, it sometimes happens on less demanding games when I Alt-Tab. What messes me up is that I had no issues for a long time with 22.10.2, in fact I never had issues with the GPU at all until recently, I decided to update things and now even when I revert back to the old driver I still get black screens.

I did a clean windows install and I put the old driver, yet the problem persists. I used an old card RX580, on the newest driver I had no issues with it, so I used my warranty and got a replacement, I did a clean windows install yet again and the first driver I put was the good old 22.10.2, unfortunately the issues persist.

Now I ordered a new PSU, that's the only part I havent tried swapping. If this doesn't work I may have to switch to nVidia or I may try the new Intel ARCs.

I have the same problem. Even if I revert back to an old version, I can't get my stability back. AMD really needs to get their **** together.

i have the PowerColor Radeon RX 7900 XTX Red Devil

I have had the same problem since the onset of 23.x. During that time I have actually built a newer machine (the other was 10 yrs old) and ran into the same issue. 22.11.2 is that last stable version.

Radeon 6600xt
Ryzen 5 7600
B650 motherboard
32G Gskill

I will keep trying newer drivers, but only if they acknowledge they have looked at/addressed this issue.

The black screen when coming out of sleep seems like an extremely common issue with at the very least the 6600xt/6650xt cards with the past few driver releases. I also have this issue on a 6600xt and i believe there's at least a couple large threads of people posting about having that same problem.