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Do I Need to Update Chipset Drivers?


I'm new to the AMD processor life and got an AM5 build this year.  I've updated my chipset drivers for the ASUS 670e-a motherboard when I got this.  In my "Apps & Features" it shows AMD Chipset Software version  With the release of new drivers recently I'm not sure if I need to, or should, update the drivers.  Is this the same process as reinstalling gpu drivers?

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Updating your AMD Asus Motherboard Chip set drivers is the same method as updating your GPU Card.

You run the AMD Chip set driver package and just follow the directions. I would download the Chipset from AMD here since they probably might be newer then the one Asus has:

Any issues installing the Chip set post back with the error you are showing.

NOTE: If your Motherboard is working fine without issue then there is really isn't any reason to update the Chip Set drivers but since it is a new type of Motherboard (X670) and many times updating drivers adds fixes and new features so for those reason you might want to update the Chip set drivers.

I still using last year's AMD Chipset drivers from my X570 Asus motherboard but I am planning on updating those drivers in the near future.

Adept III

I would recommend keeping up-to-date with AMD's chipset drivers, unless your CPU and/or motherboard chipset are not supported by the update (in that case the update would likely refuse to install anyway). If you do encounter problems with new chipset driver updates, you can generally roll them back by uninstalling, then reinstalling the older version of the driver.

Chipset driver updates include bug fixes, performance enhancements, and added support for new products (CPU's, etc.). So why not keep them up-to-date as you do your other software (OS, Apps, etc.)?

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yes .. and keep your motherboards BIOS up to date too ... as well ... also

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