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Adept I

DirectX® 12 on Windows®7

In the latest update, 19.3.2, a post appeared - DirectX® 12 on Windows®7 for supported game titles. What does it mean? 3DMark does not define as a system with DX12 support. In batelfild 5, the DX11 / DX12 setting is also missing. Question: Will DX12 work in Win7? Sorry for my English.

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Microsoft Brings DX12 to Windows 7 to Power World of Warcraft

Financial profit from win7 can not be big, because it is a very stable system and once installed it does not make sense to change something. Win10 is a product that you can “optimize” forever, at the same time place all ads in new places. I think soon the advertising banner will be installed right on the desktop and we will not be able to remove it from there. It is sad. I was hoping that AMD knows how to make it so that we do not need to use Win10, but to be able to play games on DX12 ...



Linux  is only alternative to Windows 10 now if you have AMD cards.but AMD need a GUI and easier driver install versus Nvidia cards on Linux.  
Steam for Linux :: Introducing a new version of Steam Play. If you run Linux, can you please test ... 
Temporary GUI Solution to monitor your AMD GPU's for AMDGPU & AMDGPUPRO Drivers on Ubuntu 16.04 ... 
Currently I have to modify code and makefiles just to compile a GUI so I can monitor and control my AMD GPU's in Ubuntu.
For Nvida GPU I click a button in  driver selection for Nvidia Proprietary Driver update and I get a working Nvidia GUI very similar to Nvidia Control Panel features in Windows.

Only thing people can do is to stay on Windows 7 and do not upgrade to Windows 10 even after Windows 7 is completely EOL.

I see Microsoft are installing patches in Windows 7 updates now warning people of the EOL and requesting you update to Windows 10. I really hope this is not going to be another GWX patch upgrade story where it just forces the upgrade to Windows 10 without asking unless you stop it, and gives no reliable working option to roll back or deletes your 'roll back' data within a day or so.

I advise people who want to protect their Windows 7 hard drive and installation to purchase a new hard drive and download an run Clonezilla (Clonezilla - About )  to make an exact copy of their Windows 7 installation now, and keep it somewhere safe. I use Clonezilla as my backup solution now.  I have found no other software backup solution on Windows 7/8.1/or 10 I can really rely on to recover my OS and disk with reasonable time and little effort.


I was also looking for such an opportunity, but I could not find it. I'll try to use Clonezilla. Thank.


No problem.

If you are backing up an expensive high capacity SSD or SSHD you can use a slower cheaper HDD of the same capacity to save cost and keep it as an archive disk. The Cloning operation will take longer but at least you wont have an expensive high capacity SSD or SSHD doing nothing but storing the cloned data.