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Wattman doesn't allow voltage increase over stock in my R9 380

Seems wattman doesn't allow voltage to increase over 1150mv on my MSI R9 380 4G video card. I've tried using afterburner for overclocking but it seems even the slider increase of voltages in the 3rd party app doesn't do anything since I get crashes and artifacts DESPITE increasing voltages for my overclock when running benchmarks. I've tried searching all over the net but it seems this has been an issue since driver 17.3.1. Any remedy or workaround for this problem? Thanks. 

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Any help on this?


Latest driver version:  Adrenalin Edition 19.3.3
Increasing voltage over 1150mv is not good idea. Also consider the fact that the overclocking feature is individual for each GPU architecture. In Afterburner you can enable low-level access and allow unofficial overclocking limits, and then try to overclock.