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Adept I

Debian opencl

I recently bought an RX580 primarily to use it for 3D rendering on my FX6300 based system which I cant afford to replace just for this. . I am currently using Debian and I have no desire to switch to Ubuntu.

Arch Linux users for example, have repackaged your Ubuntu drivers and seem to have made it possible for Arch users to use your drivers despite the lack of support. Why not make the core files available in a tarfile with instructions for their use on different distros?

Its not clear to me if your ROCm drivers will support my older PC and Debian in the future but that seems to be implied.

If so could you give me a rough idea of the things I need to do (kernel recomile?) timeframe and what I could do to use those drivers now.

I am not a programmer but I have done a bit of programming, and would like to have a OpenCL capable development platform. I am willing to compile my own new kernels and applications if I know that will address a bug that currently holding me back. I'm willing to sacrifice performance to have a working system.

I'm sure I'm not the only person in this situation. If you could in technical terms explain what needs to be done to get a working system up I'm all ears. I'd like to remain an AMD customer and upgrade my system soon to another AMD machine.

Please help me bring up a working, Debian-based OpenCL environment.

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