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Journeyman III

DayZ FPS drops when looking towards a city/village

A few days ago a bouth an RX 7600 from sapphine in online shop, after mine rtx 3060 failed few times showing artifacts i decide i dont need more hourse power under the hood so RX 7600 8GB would be enough, btw its a bit faster than 3060 12GB only the Vram is smaller, but thats not the case... In most AAA i got the same or even better performance, when playing Witcher 3 1.32 (not RTX version) with freesync a can have easylly 120FPS with drops to about 100FPS, even if i enable AMD chill to drop some temps on GPU easy playing in 60-75fps/Hz feels smooth. But the problem is with DayZ title. Most of you that tryed Dayz on RX6xxx and 7xxx series had problem from the beggining with FPS, Why the fXXX AMD i still doing NOTHING with performence od this game under their cards, i mean i running worse than on my old 1060 3GB... in deep woods i have 120, sometimes even more FPS only turing back towards any village i have drop even  to 30FPS... Clean install older drivers not worked, fresh windows install also... To be honest im starting to regret buying this card, and if not find any solution on this problem i propably refund back this card and go back to green camp... Its sad that AMD want to gain more market share when at the same time they dont give a sh** about people... AMD, do something about that, i am very have from mine B550 platform along with R5 3600 and propably i will buy R7 5700X3D but if AMD cards will have this poor support i doubt that i will buy anywhere soon AMD GPU... If problem will exist longer i thing i will go back on ony version of 3060 12GB. Anyone have solution for fps drops like that in dayz?


If config is need to clarify: 


mobo: Aorus B550 Elite V2

cpu: Ryzen 5 3600 Stock clocks

ram: 2x16GB Corsair RGB Pro @ 3600

ssd's: nvme 500GB Samsung Evo series along with one sata ssd from samsung

gpu: just liek above RX 7600 8GB from sapphire

Windows 10 pro installed along with all drivers frameworks etc...

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Adept II

Same issue.
There is a fix for DayZ but you need RX 6000 GPU and 23.11.1 drivers..
Please report this issue using AMD bug report tool!!
They should fix it.


I did it but i doubt that they will do anything with it so propably after weekend i will send that 7600 back to get refund and i will get 3060 or ti model instead, not worth getting iritated what i see on forum they just dont give a f. about those problems...

Community Manager

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