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Journeyman III

Crashing woes with 7900XTX - What to do to diagnose this further?


I've had crashing issues for a while now, and not sure where to go from here.

The specs

- 7900XTX Nitro+ (Stock)
- 7950X3D (Stock)
- BS650E-E Motherboard
- 64GB (2x32) gskill rgb

During gameplay, I'm getting driver timeout crashes and this can be anything from hanging PC with audio still playing, to CTDs with a notification from Adrenaline there has been a driver crash. The latest I caught today was DXGI ERROR DEVICE REMOVED in the logs for Arma 3.

I've been through a ringer with the PC. originally thought it was the i22v NIC dropping out causing all of this, once I replaced the NIC I thought it was ok. So far I've tried the following:

- Installed from new with W11
- BIOS optimised defaults
- DDU in safe mode
- Disabled EXPO

Despite this still having issues.

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Adept I

I've had the same problem. Thought I'd solved it by switching browser and disabling MPO. However today I crashed once again. Was crash free for two days before that. With Chrome running I crashed almost everytime I watched youtube and played games at the same time. Even tho I turned off hardware acceleration. This is so annoying. Hope they can fix it sooner than later with a driver or something.

Journeyman III

Unfortunately, yeah a few times I've thought I am stable and then suddenly get a reality check.

Actually send the card back for RMA yesterday, going to see what happens there. If I can't solve if after that I think I'll be chasing a refund/exchange to Nvidia but I've had the card 6 months and not sure what options will be open to me.

For the money spent, it's very disappointing.