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Adept I

CPU temp and Clock speed freeze after a while when using curve optimizer

Hey i'm new here and couldn't really find anything on this topic. 
But as stated , when i use curve optimizer ( in the bios ) , my cpu temperature and clockspeed just freeze all of a sudden but utilization keeps working. 
Already updated bios , reinstalled chipset driver and adrenalin. ( 24.1.1)
Has anyone else experienced this? 
If i select auto for curve optimizer , it keeps working. 
Using the Asus Rog strix x670e-e gaming , 7800x3d
It freezes in Adrenalin, keeps working in hardware monitor. 


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So I guess its not 100% stable. Mine was stress testing fine Cinebench but the computer restarted while opening HWiNFO64 only. Weird... but evetually I fine tuned my CO+Offset Undervolt.

Try less a bit less CO and check 

The Englishman

It is a possibility , i used -15 which isn’t much. 
i can game without problems , very stable fps .
i’ll do a stress test and monitor .
thanks for the answer!  

With 8 cores its much easier to do a per core curve optimizer.

Try to identify the best cores with Ryzen Master and start pushing the good cores up.

Example: if -15 is stable, you can put -16 on all cores, if it crashes, identify the possible worst(s) core(s) and go back to safety on those, and so on.

When you have the "bad" cores in check, push the best cores.

; - )

Can be time consuming but rewarding.

The Englishman
Adept I

i did a 10 hour prime95 test and everything was stable with no errors.
Because it was okay , i just started gaming with it.. Like always temp and speed just froze.
But when i looked at my 2nd screen again after an hour, it was all working again? 
I'm just thinking it's an error on the adrenalin side and not my curve optimizer setting as hwmonitor does work correctly. 
So it freezes and after a while it just starts working again every time haha. 

Journeyman III

I'm having the same issue and I didnt use Optimizer. I attempted to use Ryzen Master and it bricked my entire system. This forced me to do a reinstall of Windows to get rid of it. But after an hour or so, the CPU Metrics freeze.

AMD Adrenaline 24.2.1


AMD RX 7900 XT

Ryzen 5950x

Chipsets, software all upto date.


Everything still show correct temp everywhere else, ICUE, System Info etc.... Nooooo idea