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Confusing About OpenCL Driver and Software


I am new in OpenCL. I have an Dell XPS 1645 laptop which has ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4670 graphics card and a Intel CPU. I saw that AMD's software does not support OpenCL stuff for my graphics card but in Khronos website, my video card is seen as OpenCL supported. So, what do I have to do to start OpenCL programming? Also, can I use AMD's software which is for OpenCL?

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Big Boss

Radeon HD 4670 is a very old product and it is no longer supported by the current drivers. For more information about the legacy products, please find the below links:

AMD Radeon Software Support for Legacy Graphics Products

AMD Software Installer Cannot Continue Due to Unsupported AMD Graphics Hardware


On AMD platforms, the OpenCL support comes with the graphics driver itself. So, if you are looking for OpenCL support, I would suggest you to use a newer product which is compatible with the latest drivers. You can check the below driver release notes to see the list of compatible products. 

Adrenalin driver  (on Windows)  :

AMDGPU-Pro driver  (on Linux) :


Well OpenCL can run on CPU's as well as GPU's. With this model won't be able to access the GPU as an OpenCL device, but you can still use the CPU as an OpenCL device.

So download the OpenCL SDK from Intel or AMD, or both. Install it and try the examples.

You will have the change the calls to clGetDeviceIds( .... )

so that the device type specified is always CL_DEVICE_TYPE_CPU