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Adept I

Computer keeps crashing and restarting without BSOD

MSI B650P wifi, amd 7700x, 7900xt, 750watt psu

I am going crazy over here. I have uninstalled the drivers with DDU, I’ve tried going all the way back to 23.5.1, I’ve tested the ram. I’ve tested the SSD, I have done a clean install of windows, I have done a bunch of different things, the activating bars and changing registry settings, I’ve done a clean install of windows after doing all of that. I’ve updated the bios, I’ve made sure everything is plugged in. Maybe two weeks ago out of nowhere. My computer just started randomly restarting when trying to play doom eternal. it’s never done this the whole time I’ve had it since September. Then it started randomly restarting when I tried to play any game from Xbox. Then it started crashing with Steam games as well, now it crashes just from trying to open AMD adrenaline. Tested so many different things and tried so many different solutions, and I think it works but it only works for like the next time I load a game after that it goes back to randomly restarting. It’s not creating system dump files. yes, I have it set to create them. All of my temperatures are fine. Yes I have tried it with Expo off. I have tried it with resetting everything!

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@WannaGame86 wrote:

MSI B650P wifi, amd 7700x, 7900xt, 750watt psu

List your full system specs including memory. Are you running EXPO or XMP? Have you tried with BIOS default settings?

Ryzen R7 5700X | B550 Gaming X | 2x16GB G.Skill 3600 | Radeon RX 7900XT