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Journeyman III

Can someone help me with .DMP files.

Constantly still get 7-23 crashes a week (1-3 a day)
System just hangs, no blue screen, will restart after 30-40 secs and work like nothing happened.
I have tried everything (within my means) , clean windows installs, different bios versions, different PSU.

CPU - 2700x   

GPU - 5700xt

MOBO - asus b450 plus

If someone can read dump files can you please try to help me pinpoint my problem? I'm very sad and frustrated, sending stuff back not an option.

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This is the BSOD error your DMP file shows:

Bug Check 0x116: VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE - DXGKRNL.sys:

From Microsoft Support:


A common stability problem in graphics occurs when the system appears completely frozen or hung while processing an end-user command or operation. Usually the GPU is busy processing intensive graphics operations, typically during game-play. No screen updates occur, and users assume that their system is frozen. Users usually wait a few seconds and then reboot the system by pressing the power button. Windows tries to detect these problematic hang situations and dynamically recover a responsive desktop.

This process of detection and recovery is known as Timeout Detection and Recovery (TDR). The default timeout is 2 seconds. In the TDR process for video cards, the operating system's GPU scheduler calls the display miniport driver's DxgkDdiResetFromTimeout function to reinitialize the driver and reset the GPU.

During this process, the operating system tells the driver not to access the hardware or memory and gives it a short time for currently running threads to complete. If the threads do not complete within the timeout, then the system bug checks with 0x116 VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE.

First thing you need to do is change the default TDR in the Registry from 2 seconds to 8 seconds and see if the BSODs continue.

You can use this free program from Wagnardsoft to make this change for you without entering the Registry yourself: TDR Manipulator V1.2 Released - Wagnardsoft Forum 

NOTE: When you have a chance run DXDIAG.exe and upload the saved file DXDIAG.txt to your next reply. That is useful in finding out what programs or files are having issues on your computer.

This tech website give some very good troubleshooting steps to resolve the DXKRNL.exe error: 


Thanks for your quick response i will try to follow your steps now and get back to you


Many Users are having big problems with their RX5700 series GPU cards. Seems to be mainly AMD Drivers causing it.

Here are the previous RX5700XT AMD Drivers you can use to see if the BSOD stops: 

Here is the latest AMD Driver for the RX5700XT: 

Your DXDIAG shows mainly all the BSODs you have been getting plus some Windows issues.

I would run in a Elevated Command Prompt or Powershell the following Command:  SFC /scannow.

See if it comes back without any errors.


Hi sir, elstaci

First of all I'd like to just say Thank-you.

You didn't ask me to uninstall everything and just replied to my first post so quickly, since changing TDR I haven't had one crash, still following your steps however, the SFC scannow returned some errors, it says that they are now fixed.

I haven't yet changed my drivers for the 5700xt as it hasn't crashed yet, if I get another I will then try those steps .

Again, Thank-You very much mate!

Super helpful!!!