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Journeyman III

Can Adrenalin recognize RX6700xt and RX570 at the same time?

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OS: windows 11 

Graphics: RX6700xt, RX570


I am using RX6700xt as my main graphics card, and I would like to use fluid motion for videos by installing RX570 as a sub graphics card.

I know that two different graphics cards are recognized in Windows 10 and Windows 11.

I wonder if it will be recognized in AMD Adrenalin as well.

AMD FluidMotion must be enabled in AMD Adrenalin.

If either one of them is not recognized by AMD Adrenalin, there will be a problem in using it, so both must be recognized.

(I'm talking about AMD Fluid Motion Video, not AFMF (AMD Fluid Motion Frames).)

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Hi, I think the Adrenalin won't be able to handle both since they are from two different families. It should work fine if its from the same 6000 Series with 2-Way Crossfire X. Still unlike with switching between APU and GPU from Adrenalin, this way GPU Workload settings will apply to all AMD Radeon GPUs.

Besides, any software trying to handle on Direct X 12 should run instabilities because towards of it's latest features, where some API requirements are not met by the Polaris architecture. And specially with the core difference between Polaris, is that RDNA reorganizes the fundamental components of GCN for a higher IPC, lower latency, and better efficiency.

I'm not sure if you could try it with two different Windows Boot options? Though still it'll be frustrating to boot onto the other OS just for FluidMotion.