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Adept I

BSOD after switching off my AVR

My Aorus 6900xt is connected to Denon AVR x1300w hdmi 2.0 which is connected to samsung tv ks9500 hdmi 2.0.


every time when i switch off the connected AVR while pc is running i would face a random BSOD SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION (KS. SYS) error.


when i googled the error some said it is related to hp web cam driver but i don't have hp webcam nor the driver installed, even the system has no software on it yet, it is a newly installed windows 10, and obviously it is related to the event of shutting down the AVR which is connected by hdmi to the gpu so it is a related gpu event.


this problem happened on latest gpu driver and drivers before too.


tried turning off XMP but didn't matter, i even bought new memory and still the same, actually i bought a new pc except for the 6900xt, so that's what make me think it is the gpu no doubt about it.


also noticed things that increases the incidence of the BSOD occurrence, turning hdmi-cec on, watching streamed content at the time or leaving a video playing, changing refresh rate to 23.976.


before the 6900xt i owned a 1080ti and i didn't face that error before.


my pc specs

13400f i5 cpu

32 gb 3600 corsair vengeance lpx

gigabyte z690 ud ax ddr4

nvme sn570

corsair hx1000i psu

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