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Journeyman III

Brand New 6700xt Not display on all ports. On clean windows install after drivers insall

Hello Could someone help me out. I Installed a new powercolour 6700xt. And on a fresh windows 10 21h2 install. At first it seemed like everything was fine. But after windows update installed the gpu driver. The monitor went to sleep. and now i cannot get a display output without booting into safemode and using ddu.

I installed both the normal stable driver. and the optional driver. using ddu to clear the driver and that didn't change anything.

In safe mode for networking i enabled remote desktop connection. and now I can control it but still no out. In device manager. It seems like the driver is installed fine.

When ever I boot up the PC it shows the bios splash screen then the windows sniping dots. then it goes to no signal.

I have had the same issues with using either the display port or HDMI. Both have the same issues.

Just because i was out of ideas and kind of board over windows remote desktop. i installed a game and it ran well just will horrible horrible coil wine. and none of the display outs worked.

The specs of this machine is: i7-4770 16GB DDR3-1600 Gigabyte B85-D3H Powercolor Fighter 6700xt I plan to upgrade to 12th gen Intel soon.

Could someone please help me.

I'm 80% sure its some sort of software issue. As it outputs fine in the bios. and 3d appease to be working when i test launched a game over remote desktop.

Any help is most appreciated.

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