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Journeyman III

Black screen

I currently have a double monitor system hooked up to my XFX RX 580 (8 Gb) GPU. Sometimes I just accidentally bump my computer or it even shuts off on its own. Both of my monitors will turn off but my PC will still be on. In order to shut my PC off, I have the hold the power button for 5-10 seconds. Then when I turn my PC on both of my monitors are mirroring each other. If I try to open up my AMD software using my Alt and R key I get a message. It says (Radeon software is not compatible with your....) which doesn't make any sense because it was fine five minutes ago. I then have to re-download all of my AMD drivers and restart my PC before it works again. Can someone please help.

PC specs

Cpu - i3 9100f

Motherboard - Gigabyte h310m 

Ram - Corsair vengeance 3000 mhz

Gpu - rx 580

Storage - 1TB nvme ssd/ 120gb ssd

PSU - 650 w Aresgame 80 plus bronze





2 Replies

Did you make sure that all of the GPU connections are secure?  Are you using quality video cables are the cheapest ones you could find?  Cheap cables can be more susceptible to interference and lose signal when bumped and I've had it happen to me before.


Do the monitors shut off or the entire computer? If its just the monitors? Unplug the cable and plug it again to check, start by troubleshooting with another cable. As the communication between the monitor and computer maybe faulty.

If its the computer, try re-seating the GPU, the bump could be messing the card connection to the PCI slot. Also check auxiliary power cables if they are secure and don't use extensions or remove them.

If still doing the same, try another GPU, from a friend perhaps or something old, its just for troubleshooting purposes to see if it happens the same, so you can safely discard the RX580 as the culprit.

If it happens with another GPU, try another PCI slot. Then go after the PSU.

Good Luck!


The Englishman