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Journeyman III

Black screen problem.

The problem occurred a little over a week ago, everything was normal in the use of the computer, until the next time I turned it on again to use it, I saw that when the operating system was finished loading, the screen went black, only I saw the cursor, I tried various methods until I found out that the problem is due to the graphics driver, I had already updated it for more than a month (since the computer has not been more than 3 months old than I bought it and it had an outdated driver installed) , I opened the safe mode, I uninstalled it and the screen returned to normal, and I reinstalled the driver by means of the compatible driver version auto detection tool, and the problem arose again, I uninstalled it again and again the screen is seen.
Does anyone know why this is and how can I fix it? I have a processor with integrated graphics. To be exact an AMD A8-9600 RADEON R7.

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