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Journeyman III

Audio gone after adrenaline update RX 480

I recently did a driver update to my Radeon RX 480 graphics drivers. I used the detect/install most up to date option with the AMD website and downloaded the  adrenalin 2020-20.11.2 minimal setup and it proceeded to install the most up to date version. the 20.9.1 version of drivers. I noticed upon the restart i had lost my audio. I have the red x next to a speaker saying no audio output device is installed. I then go to device manager and see that both my High Definition Audio bus under System devices have a yellow triangle. Also that my sound, video and game controllers have suddenly become "hidden". How can i resolve this problem and get my audio back ? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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Install the whole driver suite..not the minimal setup.

I have the same problem. RX 480. I followed your advice by uninstalling the minimal and installing the full suite, but it did not correct my problem. Thoughts? 


Use device manager to see if there is any yellow marks...errors


Yes. There were errors. I could not resolve them.


What solved this issue for me was completely uninstalling the recent graphics driver update from AMD and rolling it back to what I had before which was: win10-radeon-software-adrenalin-2020-edition-20.4.2-may25


I did, what I guess you would call a "clean install" (complete uninstall of previous version and selected the "Full Boot?" option before installation in order to dump any previous settings) for both new updates 20.11.2 & 20.9.1. However, my problem persisted until I did a clean install and reboot of 20.4.2.


I suppose the moral of the story here, at least from my experience this one specific time, is: "Don't update your graphics drivers unless you absolutely have to. Hahaha


Thank you for the help by the way, kingfish. I am still interested in what might have caused the issue for me and how I may have solved it. However, I am just so happy and blessed now to have everything back in order that I don't think I want to tackle another new update for a while. #gunshyofnewupdates lol.


Good move...btw I am still using 20.8,3 drivers. Updates are only necessary if a issue you are having is fixed...or new features added. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" :)