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Adept I

ASRock will not support Deskmini A300

ASRock still refuses to provide the Bios update for the A300 Deskmini. Went to the Better Business Bureau and ASRock just lied to them.  This is what they responded back with. The A 300 Deskmini support Bristol Ridge CPU. But AMD AGESA Does not support Bristol Ridge CPU. Therefore, the BIOS cannot be released officially. However, if user request special BIOS with AGESA that we can provide but make sure not using Bristol Ridge CPU or will not be post.  This is most likely a response from someone in Taiwan that does not understand that it addresses the FTPM issue. I sent the BBB response to their tech support and to their corporate info email and they just ignored it. Bristol Ridge and Ryzen gen 1 is not supported by Windows 11. Only 1 processor supports Windows 11.  I reported it to the DA of California in hopes others reported it also so they can build a case against ASRock. It would also be nice if AMD had a word with ASRock asking why they have this problem of not supporting the product that they provided their blessing to release all processors support to all AM4 platforms.

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