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Adept I

Apex Legends problems

Recently I started having problems while playing Respawn Entertainment's "Apex Legends".

After playing a few games or after a first start of the game, the experience is laggy as if the internet is very slow. There is a constant red gauge in the corner of my screen which indicates Latency issues. I tried switching data servers to see if it's any better, but the same issue persists.

The reason for my post on the AMD forums is because I believe its a driver issue. Apex Legends has had some issues (for me) in the past (lag, stuttering,etc.) Thing is, when I start to record using AMD's own software, the lag stops for the most part. As soon as I stop recording, the lag is back.

For the record, it is not lag that is noticable by other players when observing me in-game or in the form of character movement. It is purely a delay in picking up items, sounds, etc. Also, since the update, the game seems to perform poorly on my 5700XT combined with 3700X, with frame drops every now and then and even 10-15 sec stuttering every now and then.

I hope someone can share tips as to what might cause this issue 'cause its driving me crazy.

Thanks in advance.

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