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Journeyman III

Intermittent sound and video from my R9360

after the last software update, I'm getting intermittent audio and video from my card. The video always recovers itself. the blackout is any where from a split second to 3-4 seconds. the audio is the same, sometimes it's a short silence,other times it's goes out and does not come back. I've reboot once and that didn't help, wiht this problem, although it recovered the audio. I can also turn the monitor off and on to restore sound for a random interval. restarting the surround sound will also restore it. The fastest way i've discovered is to open the AMD control app and change one of the settings for video that will alter the video (toggle Virtual Super Resolution for example). 

hitting a web site that alters the monitor graphics will sometimes trigger the problem (netflix or amazon prime video).

The 9360 is connected to my Denon surround sound with an HDMI cable, which is connected with another HDMI cable to the Monitor. I watch a lot of youtube music videos.... it won't go more then 15 to 20 minutes. I've swapped out both cables and there's no difference.

I found a 4 year old thread that describes something similar (subject: R9 290X HDMI Audio randomly stops working). There was no solid conclusion. They blamed it on faulty firmware. I'd have to agree that that must be it since this started with the last upgrade. 

Any idea how to fix it? if not, is it possible to roll the update back?