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Adept I

Re: Apex Legends Is Crashing To The Desktop

Okay I have found something very interesting. I had made it through 10 minutes of a game, which is very seldom, then my game stuttered, froze and crashed. Weirdly enough, the game then reopened itself some 30 seconds later and continued from exactly where I crashed, except I was outside the circle and downed. I then made it to the end of that game, started a new one and the game crashed on landing, but this time didn't reopen. Anyone else experienced this?

Adept I

Re: Apex Legends Is Crashing To The Desktop

I have managed to fix the game from crashing. I reverted to driver version 18.2.2. I done all the usual stuff such as repairing the game, cleaning the temporary Origin folder from within %appdata% and updating all other computer drivers such as the chipset.

I then launched the game with these launch options:

+fps_max 60 -refresh 60 -dev -console -preload -threads 4 -forcenovsync -fullscreen -high -dxlevel 95

Obviously change these settings as per your requirements. E.G. change - FPS/REFRESH/THREADS

Also it's worth mentioning that I run the game at 1080p in all Low settings except for Anti-Aliasing (x2) and Model Detail (Medium).

Hope this helps someone else too.

Adept I

Re: Apex Legends Is Crashing To The Desktop

Wait, so what card do you have? I have an R9 280x...I can't find 18.2.2 on the AMD site for my card. For my card, rolling back to Win 8.1 gives me the driver: 17.7.1

Do I install that one?

Adept I

Re: Apex Legends Is Crashing To The Desktop

I've tried 18.2.2 driver without any launch options and still have crashes, although I feel like they happen less often. 

I'm currently trying to run with launch options and I did not have any crashes so far (in a 2 hour session), I'll update if crash occurs. 

UPDATE: Game still randomly crashes. 


Re: Apex Legends Is Crashing To The Desktop

If for some reason the link from the driver page isn't giving you a specific driver, look for the driver under another card choice. As long as it is a desktop driver not apu they are all the same. You can verify that it supports your card when downloaded by reading the release notes. Only issue you might have is if tried to load a driver that pre-dated your card. If you are having issues with the AMD site, guru3d_com has links to most of the older drivers too on their site. 

Adept I

Re: Apex Legends Is Crashing To The Desktop

Journeyman III

Re: Apex Legends Is Crashing To The Desktop

Been having this issue recently after I bought a Vega 64.

Replaced my GTX 970 with an Asus Strix Vega 64. When I was using the 970, the game only crashed the first week of release. The crash goes back to desktop without any "send error report" thingy appearing like it's a normal thing.

GPU: Asus Strix Vega 64
Driver: 19.2.3
OS: Windows 10 Pro 1809
Reproduction steps: Game closes/crashes after plane drop, mid game and top 2 situations. Tried undervolting to 1100 and 1150mV, underclocking, adjusting game settings lower than my settings with the GTX 970 even, (pretty weird but) looked up to the sky while dropping to reduce GPU stress if that makes sense.
Video settings: Almost everything on High except for the shadows and in 4GB settings

Adept I

Re: Apex Legends Is Crashing To The Desktop

I have finally (almost completely) fixed my crashes...and here is how...

* I begin by restarting my computer.

* I have all latest drivers installed.

* I installed the game on my OS SSD (only game on there)

* I run the game on ALL low settings (1080)

* I put in the command line launch options: +fps_max 60 -refresh 75  (I have a 60hz monitor)

* I close down all programs in task manager I know I don't need to run (you should know, don't go crazy closing stuff)

* I NEVER tab out of the game (I'm on one monitor)

Doing all this allows me to play relatively crash free. And if I crash, I restart computer, close all programs not needed again, and cross fingers. I typically only get 1 crash an hour now...before it was 1 out of 4 games.

My rig:

Win 10

AsRock MB

i5 3570

AMD Radeon R9 280x (with newest optional driver)

16 gb DDR3

Thanks all!

Adept I

Re: Apex Legends Is Crashing To The Desktop

GPU: XFX RX 580 Black Edition

Monitor: MSI MAG24C 144hz, 2nd; LG 25UM58p (Oc'd to 75HZ via CRU)

Driver: 19.1-19.2.3 

OS:  Win 10 Build 17763.316

Game Version: started happening after the first weekly update ()

Reproduction Steps:

My Launch Options:

  • -novid (Skipping the splash screen in the start)
  • -forcenovsync (completely disabling VSYNC)
  • -refresh 144 -freq 144 (to make sure my game is running at optimal refresh rate)
  • +cl_showfps 4 (to render my ingame FPS)
  • +fps_max 100 (further elaborated later)


All settings on the lowest available, textures on low (to reduce GPU usage, will elaborate)

Limiting the FPS and thereby lowering GPU Usage has been somewhat of a temporary fix for me, the game still crashes most of the time when I'm jumpmaster, if I just look up at the sky or directly down while flying (reducing GPU usage), I don't get crashes.

Problem is that i've had some days crash-free for hours with a 120 FPS limit in the launch options, some days although (like today for exampe) I get crashes every single game with a 100 FPS limit.

"Then why exactly is that a Problem if you can play the game crash-free?"; 

I recently got myself a 144hz Monitor and I have found playing at high refresh rate to be a really big advantage and in general just a really awesome experience; if I leave my FPS on unlimited I am easily able to sustain 120 FPS most of the time and over a 150 in close range encounters, playing at a 90 FPS limit does not even get close to the feeling of a silky smooth 144hz.

Also before I got this monitor I had a an LG ultrawide monitor; the increased resolution and higher Field of view (1920x1080 vs 2560x1080 on ultrawide) obviously results in higher GPU stress, which is why I had to limit my fps to an even lower 80 FPS, to avoid crashing every game, further complimenting that this problem is indeed related to usage.

Other things I have tried;

  • resetting the video settings via the ingame button; actually let me stay crash free for some time, with FPS dipping down into the 50s, sometimes 40s and Triple buffered VSYNC on; not a solution to the problem I have / what I want to achieve, could be a solution to some though.
  • reinstalled windows, reinstalled all drivers (Downloaded fresh ISO, fresh drivers, played with only Apex and Discord installed, Discord and Origin overlays disabled)
  • tried leaving all drivers except GPU at stock, updating them later
  • turned off all overlays (Discord, Origin, AMD Settings)
  • running Apex as administrator, Disabling fullscreen optimizations, running in Compatibility mode (Windows 7, 8)
  • uninstalled other Programs like e.g. Razer Synapse
  • using the Adaptive resolution feature ingame, setting it to my fps limit (e.g. 100FPS); this does further reduce crashing, doesn't eliminate it (Crashing every few games usually)



My GPU is mostly running at either stock clock speeds (1405Mhz core, 2000Mhz VRAM) or the OC+ (Factory tested Overclocking values, provided by XFX), meaning 1425Mhz on the core and 2025 on the VRAM. Adjusting the powerlimit (I have tried -10% to +20%) did not seem to help a lot, although my card doesn't really go above 1395Mhz on core with the stock Powerlimit, so having it reach 1425Mhz consistently does reduce crashing by providing more headroom before hitting 100% usage, doesn't even get close to eliminating it though. Note that these settings have not caused my GPU to crash any game yet; they're factory tested so that's what they should do eitherway. Temps stay below 80°C while playing, when leaving furmark run for a few minutes the card reaches up to 83°C.

I've seen very few people over on reddit and on the EA-Forums talking about the fix I used and it has definitely helped most of the people having issues with amd cards.

I have yet to see anyone encounter this exact problem with an Nvidia cards (They still get crashes, usually with error messages though), link me if you find anything on that.


At least for me, the issue is related to GPU Usage hitting 100% for an extended period (Dropping in the start or getting respawned and jumping from the ship can be enough), this can be fixed by limiting the FPS.

DXDIAG if it helps;


Re: Apex Legends Is Crashing To The Desktop

I have this same card. At 100% they throttle like crazy. I use a custom fan curve which helps this a lot and makes my card very stable. Most RX 580 and 480s benefit from maximum power limit too. You should set it to it's maximum of 50 and leave it there. It uses the power dynamically so raising it doesn't mean it's always using it, only that it's available when it needs it. On your card yes 1425 what XFX says it will do OC'd as a guarantee. Mine does even better but as I said throttles badly, so use a custom fan and temp curve, and yes it will make the fan noisier. If you don't have good case ventilation you might consider opening the side of your case too. I am attaching my Wattman settings for reference. I would not overclock anything just set the power limit I have and the fan curve and see it that does not help. I am able to run Apex at 1440p at acceptable frame rates without crashing. Have I had some crashes yes, but it's game related crashes not my GPU. The game is still a bit buggy. I get the same crashes on my 2 nvidia rigs too. 

My settings: