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Journeyman III

Anyone Any Idea When VR Performance Is Going To Be Fixed For EVERYONE?

I'm building a new PC in a couple of months, and thanks to Nvidia's dodgy shenanigans with the 4070/4080 and the RIDICULOUS price of the 4080, I've decided to by an AMD GPU for the first time since I bought my 2GB 4870, which all these years later is STILL the best GPU I've ever bought in my 34 years of PC gaming


I WAS planning to get myself a 7900XT, but as I understand it, VR is STILL broken for a lot of 7000 series card owners.


I'm doing this in two stages, the main rig in November or December (7800X3D and 64GB of DDR5) and then the GPU 6 months later.


Are AMD working on fixing these issues? If so, is there some sort of timescale known?


If I go Green I can only afford a 4070 Ti at the most, and that only has 12GB of VRAM. I do 100% of my gaming in VR so the 20GB of VRAM that the 7900XT has is going to be VERY handy for supersampling!


Many thanks in advance for any help, I REALLY don't want to give Nvidia 800 quid or so next year nor buy a 7900XT that's going to be about as useful as a chocolate teapot to me lol

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besides posting here at AMD Forums you should also post at your VR manufacturer forum to see what issues they are having with AMD VR harware and drivers.

Adept I

I have a 7900 XTX and I can confirm that its VR performance has been fixed. FYI, I stream to my Quest 2 wirelessly through Virtual Desktop. However, as far as I am aware, there are two problems with RDNA3 GPUs when it comes to VR. The first issue is the H264/HEVC/AV1 encoding's performance, which is required when you stream to Quest 2/3, is worse than both NVIDIA and Intel. The second issue is technically not AMD fault, but Meta not supporting Airlink for AMD properly, which can be solved by using Virtual Desktop.

You can check out one of my VR videos here:


But Virtual Desktop isn't going to solve the issue when playing games bought from the Rift Store, is it? So games like Lone Echo etc aren't going to be playable, are they?


Sorry for the late reply, I didn't see any notification.
According to this reddit post, you can launch Lone Echo through Virtual Desktop.