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Any plan to get photo mode on radeon?

Is there any plan to implement photo mode an alternative to ansel for amd radeon users? I know ansel is gimmick and needs to be supported by game. Leave that part to devs and not in answering in this thread. If I am not wrong, ps4 is using amd hardware and they have photomode. Even in witcher 3 there is a nexus mod that enables free cam and pause the game hiding the UI. But there's no depth of field or filters for that nexus mode. A driver feature from radeon could make it easier. And I like to take snaps in games. So is there any plan to implement such feature for radeon users?  Thanks!

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Journeyman III

I recently upgraded from my old GTX1050 to a RX6600XT. I used to play Witcher 3 and take lot and lots of screenshots using Ansel. Even in Battlefield V! I loved it because I could play the game at 1080p and still take super resolution screenshots at 4K or even higher if needed. 

The Radeon card is a beast at 1080p performance but I feel like I'm missing out on a lot by not going with nvidia. And the only reason is that AMD has no such feature. It's sad. I might switch back to nvidia depending on the availability of cards and prices

Note: Not trying to take sides here and I'm totally unbiased. My laptop is AMD (7300 APU with R6 Graphics) and the machine I game on is also running a Ryzen 5. But nvidia is definitely at the top of the GPU game.