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Journeyman III

amdow.exe and amdrsserv.exe crashed and restarted - Record & Stream or Instant Replay stops and mous

I own an RX6600XT and I have a clean install of Win 11. When I unplug the power from the power supply and then restart the machine things happen and the mouse cursor keeps blinking between normal and busy. When I open the task manager, I see that under the processes that start and end constantly amdow.exe and amdrsserv.exe and cmd and conhost when I disconnect Record & Stream or Instant Replay in particular I see that the device works normally and when I activate Record & Stream or Instant Replay again the same thing happens The same and I delete the driver and then reinstall it several times, but to no avail, but when installing a new win11 or returning to a restore point for the operating system before disconnecting the current, Instant Replay and Record & Stream work normally. I see that this thing is due to a conflict between the AMD driver and the operating system. Will it Will we see a new update that solves this problem, or will we dispense with AMD products due to driver problems

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