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Journeyman III

7900XT fans run very slow by default. Adrenaline doesn't save user fan curves.


Short version:

I'm running a RX 7900XT ( a Powercolor stock design) and I've found the default fan profiles in the Adrenaline software are too low.

Increasing the fan speeds helps ENORMOUSLY. And I can do that manually editing the fans speeds.

But if a new (somewhat buggy) game crashes ( I think it upsets Adrenaline), the AMD software reset the Fans. Now the GPU gets too hot again.

But the card is more likely to malfunction while too hot. I have a had system shutdown due to overheating - not good, but mostly related to bad fan configuration at the time.


For demanding workloads I can find the rear of the GPU hot (well over 70 degrees C) I can put my hand to the side panel of the case - a glass panel 5cm from the side of the GPU - and feel the heat from the rear of the graphics card. The case around that area is likewise very warm (and cool elsewhere).  Lately I've extra case fans in there. I've 5 of them .. 

The fifth fan is actually a stood up 'loose' fan inside the case to make sure air is being pulled the to rear of the graphics card. Air comes from the front of the case. This is to prevent a heat-cycle where hot air ejected from the graphics card is being sucked back in again.  My 'fifth fan' solutions seems to help.

However, it seems to work best when the GPU fans are rotating fast once the GPU is under load. With custom settings (mine mean getting over 50% fan speed at 60C), the temperatures hover around 60C. The case is only slightly warm in that area. It's very cool when idle - a big improvement.

However, I'd like a solution that doesn't need to be keyed in every time a game crashes. My game isn't crashing due to low fan speeds or overheating. I'm fairly sure it's just a bug.

Possible Solutions:

Any permanent work-around would be welcome.

Any software solution within Adrenaline would also be welcome.

If any programmers are reading I would like to suggest a more aggressive default fan profile for the RX 7900 XT - at least the Powercolor stock design. Default settings seem rather too weak for a closed case (Full ATX).


P.S. No overclock here - just stock voltage and clock.

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Journeyman III

Have you tried MSI afterburner? I use that to set the fan curve.

I also have the same card and I experience high vram clocks while the gpu is idling and due to that I have high(55-58C idle temps). I’ve seen that is a common issue with amd now, while you’re running one of your monitors at max refresh rate.

What case you have? Mine is a Corsair 4000d airflow and with just a 1 intake 120mm and 1 exhaust it is better than I expected it to be, but I’m planning to get more fans.


My case is the Fractal Design R6. Got air coming down through the top and from the front - so enough air flow.  If I was going to make a change, I might have got a side-intake case - better for a hungry GPU.

Turns out the particular game (Age Of Wonders 4) has a driver work-around - basically they admit they're a bit dodgy when it come to stability and provide a kind of fix.  So it's better so far.... Still would like something more permanent. You're not the first person to mention MSI afterburner though.

My primary monitor is actually only 60hz (I know scandalous), but it's a 1440p IPS Dell 'Ultrasharp' with the brand's pretty good colour reproduction. Since it looks good, and I don't need the extra speed just right now - I haven't upgraded.

I'm pretty sure the Adrenaline software knows anything over 60 is not required, but I'll double check.