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Adept I

Amd Software performance metrics broken with AFMF

Hello everyone.

I am encountering issue with AMD Software Performance metrics tab and performance overlay. When I enable AFMF in any game which is suported, performance overlay and performance tab stops showing all FPS metrics and I've never seen "Frame Generation Lag" metric work on my machine. I've seen other videos with RDNA2 cards (like rx6700 xt and rx6800 xt), where all metrcis are working correctly with AFMF. Do you know what is the cause of the issue and possible solution? I have a MSI Gaming Trio RX6900 XT. Thanks in advance for any information on the issue.

I have a MSI Gaming Trio RX6900 XT.

Graph stops after enabling AFMFGraph stops after enabling AFMF

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Journeyman III

I have a Powercolor Red Devil RX 6900XT, and I'am interestet in turning on AFMF too. I tried everything(?), turning settings on and off, googled all over the internet for solutions/tips, and when google can't help me I even asked my mom. I even upgraded to W11 but still no luck.

The only times it worked was with those preview drivers.


Hi, Agile-Impress-1039. I suggest to you to unistall drivers using DDU (Display Driver Unistaller) and instlalling drivers with factory settings, it helped me get AFMF and performance tab working eventually, The only issue left is that I after I reboot my pc performance metrics will once again be broken and the only way to get it working is reinstalling drivers the same way once again. Got tired of it, sad, that there is noone from AMD to come across this post, because it's the second driver revision with AFMF and I am yet to see the feature to be working properly on a fairly powerful GPU, on which a considerable ammount of money was spent.