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Drivers & Software

Journeyman III

AMD Software Issues

Left my computer on overnight, woke up to find I had no audio, usually easily fixed by updating drivers. I click on the radeon software that has worked for months only to find a new error that "The Version of AMD Radeon Software You Have Launched Is Not Compatible with Your Currently Installed AMD Graphics Driver".

Confused, I just figure I need to reinstall the drivers from AMD's site, so I delete any remaining traces of the driver from the computer and uninstall my RX480 from the device manager. Then, I restarted my computer and installed the latest recommended edition from AMD's site, and restart again to finish the installation process. Same error occurs, so I go to the link listed in the error and follow the exact instructions on AMD's site to the letter. Also note that the issues listed as a cause of the error are/were not true of my computer. After following AMD's instructions on the page to fix the issue, nothing is fixed. For several hours that follow, I reinstall several different drivers, also try using the auto-detect driver version listed as another option for download, and never get any results. When this all fails, I once again uninstall the device from device manager after uninstalling the AMD drivers, and then I go to AMD's site and download the oldest version of Rx480 drivers I could find. Boom, problem solved, audio returned, drivers work, no more error. I want to update to the recommended version but until someone can figure out why I cant use the newer versions without that error, I won't. AMD's webpage said the error results from when windows somehow overrides the driver update with its own older version that was incompatible with the software, but that just wasn't the case.

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