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Adept I

AMD Software: Adrenalin Games keep crashing

Hello, games keep crashing to desktop..

Some of the games:

- Middle-earth: Shadow of War (Crashed once, had Error : "FFFFF"),

- Metro Exodus : (Game freezes and crashes constantly to desktop, unplayable)

- Rust : (Crashed multiple times)

- Kingdom Come: Deliverance (Crashed multiple times)

And now I've been trying to play Red Dead Redemption 2. Played ten minutes, first crash. Played twenty minutes, got BSOD "IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL ntoskrnl.exe error".

My PC: GPU RX7900XTX, CPU Ryzen 7 7700x, Motherboard MSI PRO B650-P Wifi, RAM 2x8gb Kingston Fury Beast DDR5 6000Mhz (Currently using OC Profile 2, 5600Mhz.), Power supply Be Quiet 1000W Gold+. Windows 10.

Could the fault be in the AMD: Adrenalin Software or in GPU itself? Every driver is up to date except BIOS. Has anyone else had similar problems?

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Journeyman III


Yes, I had the same problems starting in early June when Microsoft release their own version of ( or their internal version ) of the AMD driver.  It appears to not necessarily conflict with Adrenalin but might be using it re-entrantly, sorta running like running both drivers at the same time.   It took me a couple weeks to figure it out.  I UNINSTALLED the AMD software and just used the windows driver and everything worked beautifully.  

This morning I downloaded and installed the latest driver and the issue persists, not sure why AMD hasn't corrected such a simple issue, but  . . . . there it is.  

I'm running - ASUS Z790E i9-13900K 32Gigs at 6000Ghz, 1- Samsung 990 Pro 2 Gig 2 TB, 1 Crucial 5 series 2 TB an XFX 6750XT and windows 11


Hope this helps


Hi, Thanks for this information. I have had these problems since last January. Really frustrating... I disabled Windows Automatic Driver Updates and reloaded AMD drivers. We'll have to see if it helped.