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Journeyman III

AMD Software Adrenalin Edition

So I switched from a RX 580 to a Geforce 3050 and I uninstalled the drivers for the graphics card. Ever since i uninstalled them ive always gotten a pop up saying that windows has chosen the best option for me and it is coming from the AMD: Adrenalin Edition after i already gotten rid of it but i am getting tired of it popping up so i've tried to reinstall it, go into my files and it says that i have nothing related to it so i was wondering if anyone has had a similar problem.

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Adept I

Use DDU in safe mode, to completely uninstall all drivers, both AMD and NVidia. Disconnect from the internet before you restart, and then once you're back into Windows (normal mode), stay offline and reinstall your GPU drivers. then restart and connect to the internet again. Now, if the driver installer wants you connected, then go back online, the point of disconnecting is to avoid Windows from updating drivers before you install your drivers.  

X570, 5600x, 32G 3600MHz CL16, RX 6650 XT