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amd radeon hd 8400 a6-5200 apu with amd catalyst software suite update question

Hi! I use amd radeon hd 8400 with amd catalyst software suite 15.20.1065-150721a-295283C-Lenovo and next stable update is for 16.50.2011-161223a , SO , i know i use an older version for driver and catalyst, but i am not sure if i make this update to catalyst, i will get radeon adrenaline or crimson or another think lke this..because i don't want. I want to know if i will make update to the new catalyst, i will need to update the hd driver. I will attach some photo with infromations. Thank you!

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Read again my question, and if you don't can undestand...don't reply again, thx


If this is a A6-5200M with a HD8400 then this is the APU driver you need to download and install in your laptop: A6-5200M with Radeon™ HD 8400 Drivers & Support | AMD 

This will install both the Integrated and discrete GPU drivers in your laptop and follow the instructions in the link kingfish‌ posted in the previous comment.

I noticed that Lenovo has a very outdated Graphics driver for your laptop:laptops and netbooks :: lenovo g series laptops :: lenovo g505 notebook :: 20240 Lenovo PC Support -... 

  • Display and Video Graphics (1)
  • AMD VGA Driver for Windows 10 (64-bit) - Lenovo G405, G505
  • 15.200.1045.0 update
  • 14 Jul 2015

You might want to try Lenovo Migration Utility for Windows 10 on your laptop.

  • Software and Utilities (1)
  • Lenovo Migration Assistant for 7 (32-bit, 64-bit), Windows 10 (32-bit, 64-bit) - Laptops, Desktops, Workstations
  • 24 Apr 2019

Did you upgrade your Laptop's OS from Windows 7 to Windows 10?


guys...i know what i need to install, my question WAS , IF i will install the next update for the catalyst software suite i WILL GET AUTOMATICALLY amd adrenalin or crimson installed with update for software catalyst?

and the second question...i need to update my amd radeon graphic driver?

Did you upgrade your Laptop's OS from Windows 7 to Windows 10?”

i forgot..maybe from 8.0 or 8.1 ) but after years i used „win10 fresh install” after upgrade..anyway, this not my problem


IF you install the latest AMD Laptop generic AMD Driver for your APU it will be ADRENALIN Version:

The link is in my previous comment. The Catalyst version is legacy software driver.

The A6-5200M APU Driver will automatically install both the integrated and Discrete GPU driver for your laptop. But you must download the Full AMD Driver package and install it. Since you laptop is fairly old, I have no idea how well the latest driver will work. Make sure you make a restore point or a system backup image just in case it doesn't work.

But you must realize that AMD is a GENERIC driver so it might not use all the features of your laptop. Also in Device Manager there is a chance it might indicate a different GPU but it is the same driver and will be compatible with your GPUs in your laptop.

Here is AMD Forum method of updating your laptop graphics, for your information only: 

As for your second question, IF you need to update your AMD Graphic drivers? Only if you are having problems with your current driver, no matter how old it is, or  a game or software requires a new Graphics driver to work.

Otherwise, if your current AMD driver is working fine and no game or software requires a new driver, I wouldn't update it. Even if it is 4 or 5 y/o.

was inaf to say YES or NOT , i don't need more details, thx!


Okay no more details. You have plenty of "Details" to make a valid decision about whether or not to update.

It is YOUR laptop. YOU are the one that is going to use it not us. So YOU NEED to make the decision yourself with all the "Details" you have being provided in this thread.

If you still believe your original Post was not answered then you are on your own.  Because I have no idea what exactly you are looking for in the respect that you want us to decide.

Could be a language problem or translation. I don't know. But I can't help you anymore since I don't know what you are asking for in this thread.

I hope someone else can understand and answer your post.

Good luck!

Take care.

I don't understand the question. Do you not want to update to the latest driver version?



Or laptop:

A6-5200M with Radeon™ HD 8400 Drivers & Support | AMD 

And get the Adrenaline edition...for laptops, which do not have the same features as a desktop graphics card. ReLive, etc.

Edit: Be sure to uncheck this box if it is offered: