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Adept III

AMD HD Audio via HDMI issue is being resolved.

This is a follow-up to my previous post about AMD HD Audio problems, which I thought I got fixed, but eventually the problem happened again. I made this post in case someone else is having the same problems. Maybe this will help, maybe not.

The issue: When using graphics card also as a sound card, all audio will go off when launching any game.

A discovery I made today: The problem on my PC occurs when the game resolution is not the same as the native resolution of the screen. This problem only occurs when I use the graphics card also as a sound card. With the onboard HD Audio, this problem does not occur. The native resolution of my TV is 3840x2160@60hz, which is not suitable for online shooter games due to the intolerable input lag. Hence I set my games to 1440p, which allows the screen to refresh at 120hz.

A CMOS reset will help, but not for long. The game sounds may work for some game sessions, even hours of playing different games, but then at any moment, the game sounds are gone again.

I have been in contact with AMD support about the problem. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. I'm hardly the only one with this problem.

• 5900X • 6900XT • X570 • NH-D15S • 16Gb@3600Mhz • 1000W • 65" TV (HDMI) •
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