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AMD External Events Utility Service

Hello to the AMD community,

Up until recently, I've been getting this startup issue where for 45 seconds there appears a black screen. After those 45 seconds, the black screen will eventually display the Windows login screen. However, this issue causes very slow startup times. After looking at the Event Viewer, it showed two errors on startup.

The first error is as follows:

A timeout was reached (45000 milliseconds) while waiting for the AMD External Events Utility service to connect.

And second:

The AMD External Events Utility service failed to start due to the following error:
The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion.

I've already tried the following:

-Reinstall AMD drivers and software

-Go back to an older version

-Reinstall Windows 10

None of those attempts seemed to do anything, is there any solution?

Edit: I must also add that I'm currently using AMD's Freesync technology on 144hz.

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Uninstall the drivers with DDU in Windows safe mode, then install the latest driver. Then turn off fast startup with Windows Power Options. So the problem you are experiencing may be that AMD driver does not work properly with Windows fast startup. 

I've already tried using DDU. I forgot to include that, but I'll try out fast startup and post the results.


Unfortunately, disabling fast startup in power options didn't seem to change anything.


Try to disable "AMD External Events Utility" service. Also, the problem may be caused by Windows settings. Try removing Microsoft account from Windows.

I understand that disabling it has fixed the problem, however that would stop Freesync from functioning properly. As for the Microsoft account, I've never created one, only a local account.


"AMD External Events Utility" service allows FreeSync to run for only borderless windowed games for new AMD drivers. Without this service FreeSync will work for fullscreen games. If this service is the cause of the problem, you should try sending reports to AMD... 

Ah, I did not know that, while I do play windowed games, some are full screen, thank you. This does cause an inconvenience, but I may have to leave the service on ‘manual’ setting and start it up manually. I’ll report the issue of the service.

Thank you for your help.

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I have a 144hz Monitor along with a ryzen 3600x + 5700xt from gigabyte. I received the same errors you have.

What happened was, I was using my computer and then my video stopped playing my mouse started spinning blue and then my mouse stopped moving. I had to perform a hard reset.

What did you do to fix this?


Would love to know the answer to this, just happened to me too. Ryzen 5600x + 6800 Saphire Nitro+ was watching a video and system just locked and I had to forse a reboot

Ryzen 5 5600x, X570 Asus ROG Crosshair VIII Impact, Arctic Cooler II 360,
2 x 16gb TeamGroup 3600 CL16 kit, AORUS Gen4 SSD 1TB , Nitro+ RX6800, Corsair SF750, Win11 Pro

I'm having the same issue. It happens with me when I close the game mostly, and windows just freezes, cannot even restart it. Having to do a hard reset, would love to know how to fix it.


Asus Prime X570-P Motherboard

Ryzen 7 3700x CPU

RX 5700 XT GPU


Are other's stlil having this problem?  I've just started running into this while doing various different things.  newest drivers - i've used the driver cleaner in safemode 



aorus x570 elite

RX 570

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I have the same issue with an new HP Omen / Prozessor AMD Ryzen 7 4800H with Radeon Graphics. I performed safemode cleanup and installed newest driver. Report issue to AMD as bug, but so far no reply.

It is not acceptable to wait after a reboot 45 s


This service adds extra 20-25 seconds to kill processes/services while I'm restarting my pc. Because of that I disable it.