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Adept I

AMD driver still shows the previous version even after updating

My graphics driver still shows the previous version even after updating to the new one. This forces me to DDU every time I update to a newer version


Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (10.0, Build 19042)
RX 580 8GB
AMD Ryzen 5 3600

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can you post the AMD  Driver that you are trying to install and the previous AMD Driver that keeps showing up instead?


I'm trying to install version 21.10.2 from version 21.8.2

This also happens to different versions I've updated to

Sounds like Windows Update is installing graphics drivers..which could/would be different than what you installed. Prevent that:


Thank you, I'll see if it works when a new driver version comes up


I don't know if I'm supposed to reply to this but sadly disabling Windows update didn't work, the current version still stays the same after the update



0 Likes a clean install of the drivers by uninstalling the previous drivers using DDU in Safe Mode.

Use this method to prevent WU from installing drivers:

It still doesn't work, tried DDU and followed your method, the version's still the same after updating 


You do not have windows 11 do you ?

So that update is not even needed at all

You should be happy that it does not install the non existing update for your driver.

AMD seems to want to force us to update to crappy win 11, which is giving a lot of people problems

And it actually does not even bring anything useful either it is just another visual change which M$ wants to us to use, and of course means they can now exactly know who and where you are at every point in time.

I have found besides the crappy new interface no improvements at all, which are usefull for me at all

If you look the details of the driver released you find it only actually has improvements for the 6800 XT cards.

So i have no clue why we got a message its an update, as there is nothing which does do anything at all for the 5700 series.