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Journeyman III

AMD driver issues, rx590

Hello. I've recently upgraded my PC from win7-x64 powered i5-3570k on z77 to r7 5700x on msi b550 tomahawk, and installed win10 ltsc 2021, keeping rx590 (nitro+) as a gpu for now. At first I installed the most modern driver, 23.6.1 I believe, and it crashed when I tried to add a game. Then I tried an older version in case it's some modern bug, but 22.6.1 didn't fix it. For some time I've been relatively ok using 21.something, but it randomly crashed from time to time, so is no good either. Now I've tried 22.8.1, 22.11.1 and 23.3.1 with no luck so far: it still crashes when I try to add a game, and also screen randomly flickers like every minute or so. What exactly can cause such issues? The card's been working perfectly well under win7.

Also, I'm using dual fullhd screens, in case this matters.


P.S. I've researched this further. First: sorry, it's 23.5.2, not 23.6.1. Second: the latest stable driver version for me is 21.8.2, and any one starting from 21.9.1 crashes, and 21.something I've found useable was 21.6.1

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