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Journeyman III

AMD adrenalin edition error 1603, error 1406 AMD Noise Supression

When installing a driver update for my radeon RX 6750 xt with the adrenalin edition I run into an error which states that it failed to set value of AMDNoiseSuppression. I've searched the key location and cannot find said file. I've restarted my computer and ran my user in administrator and tried again which failed, I've tried uninstalling my drivers 3 times with DDU in safe mode completely removing any of my previous GPU drivers and AMD driver files and tried reinstalling which failed, I've tried uninstalling all files AMD through programs and features in control panel and when reinstalling going back to the same error, I've tried completely removing anything to do with any of my GPU drivers and used the drivers installation disk that came with my GPU. The only thing that I can think of the error still persisting is that any kind of installing wants the noise suppression file to be there and cannot find it therefore cannot set the value and will not attempt to create the file, is there anything that I can do that I havent tried yet. 

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