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Journeyman III

Adrenalin 2020 Edition 19.12.2 Screen freezes in game but game still plays in background.

Since I downloaded the new driver I have had this problem in all my games where a few seconds after loading into a game the screen will freeze but the game keeps playing and I can move my cursor around and hear it go over a button in game but all I see is a frozen menu ( as if there was just a picture over my screen while I play). I have currently only found two ways to temporarily fix this problem and that's by Alt tabbing and re tabbing till I can get to the settings and change it between the different window types.

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Adept I

its a common problem, there are multiple threads here

Adept I

Adept I

I've got the exact same issue. It seems like if you're lucky the game will function properly sometimes when you "alt+tab" back to it. The most repeatable I have found this issue is within Destiny 2. It does this almost every single time I launch it and it's the most frustrating thing ever.

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Adept I

Same issue on RX 5700 XT. I have already 20.1.1 driver and now can't even play games. Monitor shutting down and weird noise from the system block.


See the post above. Turns out 19.12.1 was just a bad driver. I'm on 19.12.3 and don't have these issues.


I have never had 19.12.1 driver, I had earlier version then updated on 19.12.2 where the problems began.

Also I've read a post where someone told that 19.12.1 works great. And even when I try to install 19.12.1 after deleting previous drivers I've got a black screen while installation of the driver!!


I think your issue is completely different to this one. This is the game appearing on screen still but signal not being updated. It looks frozen but you can tell the game is still running by the audio. The monitor signal is never lost.You should make a new post about it.