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Journeyman III

Active Resolution different from Desktop Resolution for HP Reverb G2

I recently bought a 6800 xt. 

I run an Ryzen 5 3600

16 gig ddr4 3600 ram.

I Use a HP Reverb G2 for VR gaming.


Since upgrading to the 6800 xt I have become capped at 60fps in while playing vr games.  

This is because the resolutions are different in windows.  the "desktop resolution" is about half the "Active Resolution".  They need to be the same and there is no way to change them from what I can see.


On my 2070 super they were the same and generated 90hz.


Right now i'm stuck at 60hz.


Both WMR and Steam setting are set at 90hz but I'm only getting 60fps.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Would even consider some paypal if you come up with a solution.

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