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7900XTX Won't stop overclocking itself

I recently bought a 7900XTX and no matter what settings I have in wattman, the card overclocks itself like crazy. It's a refrence design but wattman itself shows the CPU AVERAGING 2.8 GHz with highs in the 3.3 GHz range. This is with default settings in wattman. I am really worried about damaging my card and don't need such a high OC.




32GB ram

980 pro




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Community Manager

As long as the card is running at default settings, it will manage the clock speeds, voltages, and temperatures itself and will boost as high as it can untill it reaches either a power (291W) or temperature limit (110c). You can control the boost clock and performance by either increasing or decreasing the power limit (-10% or +15%) This option can be found in the Performance > Tuning Menu when you select the Custom.  For more information about the options available to you, please refer to KB article:


Uninstall Adrenaline, reinstall with Minimum or Drivers only

This setting can be found when re-installing on the same page you'll see the checkbox that says "Factory Reset"

Adrenaline's auto-overclocking features are nice for some, but they're definitely not for everyone, and there've been issues with it doing things without permission in the past (with CPUs)

I imagine in a year or two it's going to be considered a staple feature that everyone has because it'll be so good, presuming they stick to it and keep refining the software, but for now I'd recommend using alternative tuning services

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