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Journeyman III



The 5700XT simply crashes randomly , since the day i bought it . 

I will never ever buy another AMD product ever guys 

i been a customer of AMD for over 20 years I bought GPUs almost from the day you  started making them but this is it :  I am done with amd 

I am so sick of this nonsense 

the 5700 never worked and you simply ignore all  of us, for years ! 

Its been years now ! many hundreds of pounds I paid for this in 2020 and not once has it actually worked properly 

crashes all the time for  no reason . And no its not my system  and NO you still never once provided a solution 

I know you ignore  the cards for years  and pretend all is well .  just buy a new one right ?

NO i wont ! I will never buy anything AMD ever again 

Today really is the last day anything red will be in my systems .

I dont usually register for forums  as its a waste of time but only for this post I have done so .

Although i know for a FACT    you will do nothing . Your advice will be nonsense  and this thread will be  closed in a hurry . Same as you  done to all 5700 questions for years now  .Thousands of people just like me all have issues you simply ignore for years .

btw the latest driver really is terrible . totally crashes the 5700 randomly  for no reason . Only driver thats somewhat works :20.9.1  if your lucky it sometimes lets you play a game for an hour or 2

you know i am right so  dont even try to deny it : just google :  5700Xt 

You know how much this card was ? yes ? now then , shame on you ! really .. shame on you 

Green for me from now until my last day. 

i am done .. have a nice day  

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