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Journeyman III

5700xt stutters

Hi, im using the AMD Ryzen 7 3700x with the 5700xt gpu. since the AMD update (23.7.2) i have been getting non-stop stutters while gaming. It says for the notes that it can be dealing with fTMP or dual monitors as well. Its been awhile since the update and was wondering if anyone has found a fix for this issue. When i use the Febrauary Adrenaline update, everything works fine. I have also done all the things like ddu, safe boot, Amd utility clean up as well. 

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IF you are not using Bitlocker, you can disable fTPM in your BIOS for testing purposes to see if it helps

I bought a TPM module for $20 and run it instead of the built in fTPM on my 7950x

When I ran a 3700x and a 5700xt .. I would get a perceivable micro-micro stutter running at 1080p with all settings to low and getting mid 200's in Hunt:Showdown.. Running AMD's VSR 1440p with all eye candy on/maxed and getting 72fps'ish (half my monitors refresh rate) and the game played smooth and looked a lot better too

.. might be related, might not be

Things that might help, might not .. but good to do regardless

Make sure your motherboard's BIOS is up to date

Make sure you have the latest AM4 chipset drivers installed from website

Always good practice to run separate power cables from your power supply to each power input on your GPU

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