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Adept I

5700 XT unsupported by Windows Mixed Reality

I just got a 5700 XT and I am having no luck running Windows Mixed Reality.  I have done a clean install on the most up to date drivers and I have also tried bypassing the WMR hardware compatibility test.  I always get an "error code 14-2".  Any help would be appreciated. 

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This is the answer from Microsoft Forum concerning your WMR Error: Windows Mixed Reality error 14-2 when Dell Visor plugged into Inspiron - Microsoft Community 

Most likely it is a AMD Driver issue. I would open a AMD Support ticket to let them know if the above suggestions doesn't work from here: Online Service Request | AMD 

EDIT: Also make sure your VR Headset has the latest Driver installed and Windows it completely updated via Windows Update.

Adept I

Turns out WMR will not boot with Radeon Image Sharpening enabled.  Once, that feature is disabled, WMR works great.

That is something that I would alert AMD Support about. If you have time I would open a AMD Service Request and let them know that feature prevented your VR in Windows from working. Other Users may have the same  issue in the future.

Thank you for this useful feedback. We're looking into the issue.

Journeyman III

I have an RX 5700, having same issue. Radeon sharpening is off and has no effect for me. Mixed reality portal app says "This PC's graphics card won't work with Windows Mixed Reality."

Weird that my old R9 390 supports windows mixed reality VR headsets but not the new RX 5700 I just upgraded to? The windows hardware guidelines for mixed reality states "AMD Radeon RX 470/570 or greater DX12-capable discrete GPU" - 


Sorry mate, i got tired of the 5700xt not working properly so I returned it.  Good luck.  Try default settings and a fresh driver install.  


About to do the same here and jumping boat to a 2070 Super....i upgraded form a vega 64 and boy if i have been in a nightmare....drivers are so poorly optimized...Direct3d wont boot on steam AT ALL....HWMonitor only captures usage not even temp....Wattaman is literally a total mess..and once i open it i start seen bright pixels on my screen...this is horrible im tired of it....Ryzen 2600x running on MSI Gaming Plus with 16 DDR4 @ 3200 Rt 5700 XT....


Seems like the AMD driver has conflicts with WMR.

What does DIAGDX show under "Diagnostics" at the very bottom of the log file?

Also what does GPU-Z show as far as DirectX and OpenCL being enabled on the 5700X?

The 5700X is a more advance GPU card then the RX5xx series GPUs so Windows Mix Reality should show it as being compatible.

It could be one of AMD's added feature besides Radeon Image Sharpening that is causing the issue. Just for troubleshooting purposes, uninstall the current AMD Driver using DDU in Safe mode without any internet connection. After rebooting use Device Manager to just install the RX 5700X AMD Driver and it related software Radeon Settings and then reconnect to the internet and see if it now works. This should disable most of AMD's features and just install the basic GPU Driver and it related software.


Problem resolved! It was an app blocking certain windows updates / downloading of VR headset driver and not GPU/GPU driver related.

I noticed in device manager there was an exclamation mark next to the VR headset. It could not find any drivers for it when selecting to update.

I thought right away that this is not an issue with the GPU or drivers but that something is blocking possibly windows updates? Turned out it was a windows telemetry blocking app I had, even though I had not blocked windows updates, setting everything back to default restored certain minor updates that it was blocking.

Going back into windows updates a whole line up of downloads including the VR headset driver begun.

The windows mixed reality portal setup does say that the GPU is not supported but this is likely only because the 5700 has just been released and the WMR team likely has not updated the supported cards list. Simply selecting next and plugging in the VR things are up and running right away.

Very happy with my RX 5700 so far, even got a slight boost in benchmarks with the latest drivers!