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240HZ Monitor and stuttering on Apex Legends with 5700 XT

Im experiencing stuttering on Apex Legends with my 5700XT using laters driver (tried old ones and its worse)

I'm not bottlenecking in any way.

Done a clean windows 10 install all drivers installed and experiencing this on Alienware aw2518hf 240hz Freesync Monitor

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this is what adrenaline reports about my monitortest.png


Hey Man,

I'm experiencing the same. I realized an odd thing. On Firing Range I'm getting GPU usage above 90%, but on World's Edge it's usually between 50-70% which is causing major FPS loss.
Could you please check whether you are experiencing the same discrepancy between the two maps in terms of GPU usage %?

Yes, 100% agreed, on practice map you get almost constant 95-99% GPU usage while ingame it fluctuates from 25-65 GPU USAGE.

My cusin's pc has exactly the same setup expect the GPU he has 2070 super and when he goes in an actual game on APEX Legends he hold steady 99% GPU usage.


one of the biggest headaches for panels above 60 fps is that most games are developed that way

few developers have 90 fps or faster panels


? what are u talking about? apex legends can be played up to 240hz monitor


I feel like freesync is not working properly on Alienware aw2518hf 240hz Freesync Monitor

The driver has to be optimized more because I experience stuttering on Apex Legends and Pubg.

Community Manager

Thanks for the post.

I am going to file a ticket for this issue and we will investigate.

I noticed you created a few duplicate threads on the same issue so i will now lock those down and point them to this thread for easier tracking in the future. 

Below i will copy and paste the information from one of your other threads as it is missing from this one and contains your system specs. 

i7 6700K @4.5 1.33v

Saphire Nitro+ 5700XT

Corsair Vengeance 16gb @3200 xmp 1.35v

Asus Z170-a 

650 watts PSU

Alienware aw2518hf freesync monitor 48-240 Freesync range.

Now my problem is this even though last update of drivers fixed many issues for many people my problem still exist,

It's like freesync is not working properly, I need to cap my fps to something like 150 in low settings in order to have APEX running smooth but once I go under that fps value I get stuttering and stuff which shouldnt be happening.

I should have my fps locked to 237 while freesync is on and have flawless gaming experience no matter what my fps value is at unless it goes below 48 thats when I should stutter lag or whatever correct?

Why is this happening any ideas?

Also my GPU usage when I have low settings on APEX Legends it fluctuates between 25-55% GPU Usage why it does not stay at 99% constantly like my friends pc is with his RTX 2070?

Adept I

Hi. I had the same problem with the 5700 xt nitro+ and Apex Legends, and i solved it by disabling completely the integrated graphic card of my i7 2600k. I had to disable it by bios to avoid the problem. It's strange but it seems that game use both the graphic cards if you don't disable it. Let me know if you solve like this

I have done that long time ago are u on 240hz as well?


I'm on a 75Hz monitor without freesync. But my friend has an asus 240hz monitor with a 5700 pulse and hasn't this problem. He also has a ryzen 7 2700x with 16 gb ddr4 ram

Are you sure he playing on 1080p 240hz and all settings on very low and he experiences no micro stuttering? 

theres now way Its from the driver for sure since I cannot even create a custom resolution on adrenaline with any value over 200hz and my monitor is at 240.. lol

Community Manager

Does disabling FreeSync have any effect on the issue? If you could capture a short small video showing the issue that would be helpful as i can include that in the ticket. 


What are you using to cap FPS at 150?


For me it doesn’t solve the low GPU usage and core clock fluctuation at all. I also played around with the other settings, like image sharpening, radeon boost, radeon chill. They are not affecting our problem.


Ive tried chill from adrenaline to cap fps.

Also tried riva statistic server + msi afterburner

Also when I go to creater custom resolution in display settings on adrenaline it does not let me set anything above 200 if I manually type in the value.

Disabling Freesync makes things a little worse

I'm alsmost sure that the issue lies here:2323.png

Also look at this pic as well Current Link Settings = not available and freesync reported correctly at bottom but not working as expected I should not be having any stuttering with this card on 1080p on any game with this monitor4444.png

Adept I

I just figured that I was using 20.2.1 and not 20.2.2. In AMD Adrenaline when I hit the check for updates it said I'm on the latest software (20.2.1). It tricked me, so when I realised that I downloaded 20.2.2 from ADM, did a DDU and installed it.
Right now it seems it solved my GPU Core Clock fluctuation in APEX, it sticks around 2000mhz. The FPS is not that awesome though, in 1080p with low settings there are multiple places on the map where I'm experiencing FPS around 100. My understanding was that this card should easily get a fix 144fps on 1080p with low settings.

just test it get same monitor as mine, connect it with the cable that it comes with to guarentee freesync + 240hz at 1080p,

get apex legends and make all the settings to very low and play the game you will understand exactly what I mean but I believe this doesnt only happen to my monitor it happens to all 240hz monitors


Still existing do we have any updates on this issue?


Anyone with 240hz monitor that doesnt have microstuttering in games like APEX LEGENDS?


What happens if you set the hz to 144? Also, can you share a video about your amd and in game settings and about the stuttering?

stuttering at 144 as well its microstutter.

Apex Legends very low settings, 1080p fullscreen 240hz

adrenaline settings default standard.


Yes a video showing your settings and the issue recorded with ReLive would be helpful as so far we do not have many similar reports. 


just recorded a video Im uploading right now but I dont think you will be able to see the microstutter


Yes it doesn't show up on the video, it looks smooth to me. I could see the FPS drop below 237 though, however that still seems like a lot of FPS. Can the GPU drive that many FPS without drops? 

If you could upload another video, this time with Chill off so we can gauge performance. Please also make sure the Radeon Overlay is enabled (and make the text bigger by increasing the overlay scaling) so we can monitor GPU usage and performance whilst you play. 

There's quite a few variables at play here with Chill enabled, using OBS etc. Would be handy to try everything at absolute default settings in Radeon Software and use ReLive to see how the game behaves. 


relive audio stuttering hard... and overlay doesnt show up on video for somereason I will just wait for driver update....

I believe im explaining correctly whats happening microstuttering as if game is not smooth when I have high fps near 200+ if my fps is around 150-180 its fine.


What happens if Chill is disabled?



ReLive is working fine for me, may be you could try to record without speaking?
Also, the AMD Overlay seems to be buggy for me as well, it is blinking in APEX. I would suggest you to use MSI Afterburner for that purpose. It would be awesome if we could see the GPU Core Clock during your gameplay beside the FPS, CPU / GPU usage. Basically, the more you share, the easier to help.

In your video, did you experience microstuttering? It wasn't visible for me. If on your next recording you are experiencing, can you tag it?

During your gameplay, do you see the monitor's hz in its own menu moving up and down based on the FPS?

I would disable all the eye candy thing in the APEX Legends game settings (AMD driver), I have all of them disabled, but I do use a 144hz gaming monitor.


Based on what you said in the video you posted, the problem is that you are using chill to cap your framerate, and it is not consistent enough to keep you so close to the edge of the freesync range. As soon as you go above 240fps even for an instant you would get tearing for at least a few frames, and this will be a bit jarring and might look like microstutter compared to the smoothness of freesync. Like you describe if you put the framerate cap low enough it will work better. Look at these graphs:

Imgur: The magic of the Internet 

You can see the display times using chill vary considerably, +/- 2ms of the target. If you consider that each frame at 240Hz is 4.16ms, you can imagine how such inconsistency can create problems. 237fps is 4.219ms per frame, that's only 0.05ms less than 240fps, you would need a supremely consistent limiter to effectively target that number.

Only FRTC would have a chance of doing that. FRTC is much more consistent as you can see from those graphs, but AMD have removed it from the 2020 drivers for some reason. So my advice would be to turn off chill and instead use vsync. Freesync and vsync work together, vsync will only kick in when you are outside the freesync range and effectively cap your framerate at exactly 240fps.

how do u explain when i drop below 187 i get stuttering and tearing?

its like freesync is not working...


Can we talk on discord?

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In your video you said "the game is smooth at low fps, anything under 180 is ok". I based what I wrote on that.

Seems like you are contradicting that now, it's hard to help if you cannot accurately report what you are seeing. You should not be getting tearing below 180fps with freesync on.

by saying is ok i mean its kinda better...

isnt suppose to be like when u are on freesync range games should be buttery smooth?

my games are smooth to the fps i cap anything below i get stuttering and tearing like i would without freesync and anything over 195+ fps


angellicious wrote:

my games are smooth to the fps i cap anything below i get stuttering and tearing like i would without freesync and anything over 195+ fps

You're going to have to do a better job of explaining this because it's not making any sense to me.

Is it possible to talk to you in discord?


Sorry I don't use discord


tried with vsync on its worse to be honest ive tried limiting with rivastatistic server its same as chill 

if i lock my fps to 187 its ok not much microstuttering if i cap at 237 theres microstuttering when fps goes over 187 its driver issue .....


Is that using Chill? 

So for example you set Chill MIN/MAX to 237 you experience stutter.

If you set Chill MIN/<AX to 187 you do not experience stutter?


using chill or any other type of fps limiter, even the ingame one not all at the same time off course

i tried rivatuner ive tried chill .

what happening

if i lock fps where i can maintain that value

everything is smoooth, if i cannot mantain the value i get microstutter tearing lag 

U understand now? I thought by having freesync monitor im allowed to have smooth gameplay no matter if my fps is 48 or in between 240

since my monitor has 48-240freesync range