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Journeyman III

23.8.1 Driver | Hard FPS Drops

Since updating to this version of the AMD drivers every game i play experiences excessive FPS drops to the point of the games stuttering for a solid second or more on a regular basis (once every couple minutes). Is anyone else experiencing this?

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Adept III

You did remember to turn off ULPS right ?! That is a must after every update. Previously I had to also overclock in performance but now it is fine without. The ULPS thing is a must otherwise it will run bad and with those drops. Should be removed from driver. I know this is something meant for dual cards and some idle power setting but it mess with single cards. You can google how to disable - I do it in the MSI afterburner tool but you can also do it manually in the registry.


Edit: link to explanation

and no you do not get suddenly get double amount of fps but you get fluid gameplay  without sudden drops. I have tried not to turn it off - and immediately went in and turned it off - it is that obvious on my end !


Never knew about this, thank you very much, gonna try it and give feedback.


Tested a bunch, it did alleviate the problem, but i am still experiencing frame drops. (from stable 250fps to 40), albeit rarer and for shorter durations.


Ok - what do you use for sync - Gsync or freesync on monitor ? If you are old Nvidia gfx card user to most likely always had vsync = off in games and in nv control panel. On amd / freesync you need to have it on and also vsync on in games. So I have read and on both BF V and BF 2042 I must say - yes makes stutter go away. Try to have AMD optimized no matter what in settings for your game and then vsync on in the actual game and see how that go.