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Journeyman III

23.12.1 fps drop on darktide with xfx 6700 xt


Since i updated with the latest drivers i saw a huge drop of fps on darktide from 55/60 fps with nearly all options cranked to the max to a meager 30/35 fps even when i seriously downgrade the settings in the game. So far i was pretty happy with the performance i had in 1440p but i've to admit that i'm quite despointed with what i obtain now

Anyone with similar issues?

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Adept III

Game patch 1.2.21 also slows down the game on my rx 6800xt. on adrenaline 23.11.1 there is also a drop in performance.

The only "fix" for me was to use a windows restoration point through rstrui, everything is back to normal

Fix your s***t amd please

Journeyman III

I'm also having the same issues with a 6800 XT card... had to downgrade to the previous driver version (v23.11.1) and I'm still not very happy with the Darktide performance (having some fps drops, even by lowering the game settings). I remember that this game was playable before those driver versions... so please, could you fix it AMD guys?

On the other hand, is there any workaround for this?
I don't want to restore my Windows OS for that f*****g s**t.



I wrote to AMD support and the game developers about this problem


Many thanks for that, much appreciated.

I'm not an expert, but couldn't be this an issue related with the shader compilation?