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Journeyman III

22.10.3 mw2 problems

Is anyone having issues with 22.10.3 on mw2 or is it just me?   when I edit graphic settings higher than low/normal = instant crash, also persistent flickering. The old Nivida 1660s runs all settings fine with no issues on the same pc. But my new rx6600 is crashing after every game. older drivers seem to work for little longer but still crashing, bios/windows all up to date. Any suggestions?? 

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Adept I

Hello cheesepopcorn,

Any chance you would be willing to try and down-clock the GPU from say ~2050 Mhz to say ~1750 Mhz and do similarly with the memory? If this works, then I would just setup a 'Game Profile' within the AMD Software.

At the very least something worth considering.