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Adept I

19.5.2 Driver Feedback



Asus P9X79


Apacer 256GB SSD

2x RX480 8GB Crossfire (Powercolor Ref)

Win10 Pro x64 18362.116 (1903)


*During driver install, monitor goes off and on a few times as usual, but comes back with a RED tinted desktop.

*Crossfire NOT being utilized, 2nd GPU inactive during full screen mode, does not work in any game it used to.

*FPS super laggy, sub 20-ish.

*Constant blue screens, which usually leads to yet another blue screen even after reboot (BAD_POOL_CALLER).

*File system corruption got so bad with all the random crashes, in the end I got SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED boot loop. Had to reformat SSD and reinstall Win10.


*All above 100% reproducible at CPU/GPU default settings and confirmed not OC related.

*Observed same bad behavior with 19.5.1

*Went to back 19.4.3 and everything back to normal.

Trade show just around the corner, so please don't make yourselves look bad. Kindly fix soon.

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Did you let AMD know about your findings?:  Online Service Request | AMD 

Adept III

RED tinted desktop is MS Win 1903 Bug.

To avoid this bug, You need to do (after every restart):

To semi-solve this:
1. After boot/restart go into Display settings once (right click on desktop, bottom settings)
2. Done, Bug is gone for good.

Now it's working fine.

It's WIndows 1903 known bug, some guys have this anomalies as well it's related to EDID & VRR Option in windows.

Here is my Thread about it:


Adept I

Follow up:

Each time when I try to uninstall the 19.5.2 suite and go back to MS Basic Display, the screen flashes a few times with a lot of jagged lines.

If the desktop does come back up, the mouse cursor becomes very laggy (moving only every 5-10 seconds). Also the SSD light is constantly on, SATA access seems totally bogged down.

Sometimes the desktop would not come back at all, the monitor stays black for a few minutes without any sign of activity, after that the entire PC shuts down by itself.

This is clearly memory I/O conflict of some sorts. Tried the new WQHL release from two days ago, same deal.

Adept I

19.6.1 fixed all my problems, thanks to AMD for the awesome support.

Glad to see it's may want to mark your response as "correct" to help others with the same issue..