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18.7.1 + YouTube = Computer Crash

Alright so I have the AMD Ryzen 5 2400g and this is a brand new computer that it came in. And here's the situation, I Use YouTube to listen to music since most of the music I listen to can't be found on Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, etc. I usually listen to my music in the background of most games that I play as well as when I draw, I actually have it playing almost 90% percent of the time I'm at my house. In any case, I've done this with every computer I've ever owned. But here's the weird part, once I got this computer I started experiencing crashes, which is something I haven't had the pleasure of dealing with in the past. At first I didn't know what was going on, but before long I had realized that the crashes had one thing in common, they were happening only after I started playing my music and then minimized the browser YouTube was open on. It wouldn't crash if I was playing any of my games, watching any of my shows, hell it wouldn't crash if I was actually watching a video on YouTube, which I found really weird. So I called up a tech guy from the company I bought the computer from, we went over a couple things, and in the end we decided to do a factory reset on my comp. Once that was done and everything on my computer was set to the factory defaults, I went onto YouTube again and tried to see if it would crash my comp. To our surprise, it had worked. I tried to play some of my games right afterwards and to no surprise, none of them could run with all my drivers being reset to the factory default. So I ran over to AMD's download page, picked up the newest driver (which was the one that was originally installed on my comp) restarted my comp, and then tried one of my games again. It was working so I figured everything was fine now, nope. I closed down the game and jumped over to YouTube cause I was gonna go to bed, and I usually listen to music when I sleep. So I get my music running, minimize YouTube (so that my screen turns off) and I step away from my comp only to hear my music stop. I turn back to see that my comp has crashed once again. I stare at it out of disbelief before something clicks in my head and I realize, it was the graphics driver that was crashing my comp! So the first thing I do is turn my comp back on and try downloading one of the older updates for the driver, I tried both clean and custom installs, but to no avail. Each one caused some kind of error to happen within my comp. So I decided to settle with the newest update since I can work around the crash by not minimizing YouTube. Anyone got any ideas for this?

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Try disabling hardware acceleration in your browser. Every browser has that option: